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Xera web design vs. xsitepro

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Xera web design vs. xsitepro

I currently use xsitepro and everything is fine, however i found xera web design program and was looking at the features and it looks like a well made software program.

in my opinion xsitepro is great and still the best for newbies (for a web design program) i just think the more experince and skill on gets designing websites that xsitepro may fall short.

on the other hand you need to know html ike the back of your hand to use dream weaver

in my personal opinion xsite pro is still great for affiliate style sites but when it comes to designing regular information websites like sites like a new resturant i think using xsitepro hold me back.

i like designing every part of a web page (graphics, logo's) and i saw that the xera software allows you more freedom when it comes to photo editing although i do have a photo editing software (i use paint shop pro)

it just seems that the xera software might be a better choice for folks passed the newbie stage.

Does anyone use the Xera software? i wanted to know a bit more info from a hands on user before i desided to buy it or not
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