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Worth it? The 21st Century Financial Education Summit

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Worth it? The 21st Century Financial Education Summit

I found this event


It sounds like some of the top money makers and marketers are going to this event in Australia. Did anyone go to some of their previous editions? Is it worth the price? With Tim Ferris and Richard Branson I’m strongly considering…
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Got a mate who went to the one just few weeks ago where Trump came down to talk with Chia, Kiyosaki, Robbins etc. Ended up that in Melbourne Chia didn't show, only in Sydney he came.
In regards to everyone else, it was just regular stuff you can get online man. Like, a lot of the strategies were things about CFDs, option trading, forex stuff, and real estate contract deals. Also stuff with the US county's where you can buy interest from house owners who don't pay, and get titles to the land.
All sorts of stuff like that, which I've never heard of and probably wouldn't be touching.
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