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WILLING TO PAY For 1 on 1 Affilojetpack Help (USA)

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WILLING TO PAY For 1 on 1 Affilojetpack Help (USA)

NEED IMMEDIATELY: If price is reasonable, I am willing to pay/contract for some direct 1 on 1 communication/help building my Affilojetpack site(s). MUST be USA based to eliminate international time delays.

Please let me know level of assistance you can offer, your rate, and how to contact.
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I am a affiloblue print member. I think in step 3 or 4 Mark shows you how to set up your site. Its very easy and simple when you follow along. I did not order the affiojetpack as I need to understand how the building your site really works. If you don't understand at least the basics your in trouble. As you need to understand so you know what you need done when you outsource the help you need to get your website going. I never used affilojetpack before so I don't know if I can be any help at this time. I just know about the themes in affiloblueprint 3.0 that came out in May 31, 2012.

All the best,

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