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Why Isn't Anyone Clicking On My Affiliate Links?

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Why Isn't Anyone Clicking On My Affiliate Links?

I have a language learning site at http://www.languagehelper.net. Some of my posts have affiliate links within the post but no one is clicking on these links... What am I doing wrong??
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Were you able to analyze your website's traffic? The click-through will depend largely on the number of traffic as well as the quality of traffic (where your traffic is coming from) you receive on your website per day.

I also suggest you check your webpages for proper optimization. Optimizing your pages for SEO attracts the right market and this will help you gain more traffic and more clicks.

Content matters a lot. Publishing fresh content is one way to increase website visitors. However, I suggest you post content that is very handy/useful to your target audience and at the same time create a content that has the potential to go viral. You may search online to check for related websites that are ranking well and receiving good traffic. Check out their content and how they post their content on their website.
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