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Why follow the blueprint?

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Why follow the blueprint?

Hi I just wanted to advise people on the course that some of the things I learned there are priceless like when Marck teaches how to pick a product with a good sales letter. I have made this mistake and done hundreds of hours on a campaign because of no sales and never knew why until I learned the right way here. I think when Marck says to do the whole campaign and take no short cuts this must be what he means. I have junked three campaigns because I did not know one step. It's a learning process but making mistakes is pain full.
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Great info Mack thank you for sharing. The Affiloblueprint is a great action plan to success. it will show you how to start without all the confusion many other programs cause.

However, if you do not follow it, you will struggle. Focus and get one site working. learn not only how to do everything, but why as well. once you understand why things work, you can discover new tactics that will work as times change.
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