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Who wants my Squidoo Lens? It's on the second page of Google

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Who wants my Squidoo Lens? It's on the second page of Google

Hey Guys,

It's really late where I'm from, but I just came up with a great idea.

Okay, I actually have this Squidoo Lens that I've had for several months now. I don't really remember how long I've had it, all I know is that it's on the second page of Google for the keyword "how to fall asleep instantly". I'm not so great at SEO, so I'm not really sure on what I need to do to get this site ranking high for that keyword. So if any of you guys are interested in purchasing my Squidoo lens, feel free to email me right now at joelwrites(at) yahoo(dot)com if you're interested. 

You can use this squidoo lens to do plenty of things like:

1) Affiliate Sales
2) More traffic to your site
3) Cpa offers

I really want to make some extra/instant cash, so I decided I would price this lens at $200 as I worked really hard on it. It actually only gets a few visitors each day, but if you hire a cheap backlink service to help it get ranked, I'm sure it'll get more traffic, as well as make sales.

Here's the link to it:


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