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What Website Goes With Site That Pays For Sign Ups?

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What Website Goes With Site That Pays For Sign Ups?

wants to pay a referral but it is not for an item you buy on the website but is paid when a new customer signs up for a new product. The referral is 25.00 or 50.00 per user and requires no further work. So I want to

1. Drive people to the site and when the lead is generated and sold pay that referral to the appropriate person if the customer buys.

2. What kind of site would I build to achieve this.

It's a substantial referral fee for something you don't touch after you send the traffic to the site and they are closed in person, video chat or by any other communication within the U.S. I take any referral within the United States.

I apologize in advance, I'm a noob and need some feedback.
Thank you.
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The kind of site would depend on what niche the site you're referring to is in. If it's in the travel niche, then you need to build a site related to travel.

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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