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What's up guys?!

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What's up guys?!

Hey guys,

Been a long time now, and I don't even know if the same people are still around, but just wanted to say hey and let everyone know I'm back!

I was away for about a year, I actually went over to the US for a study abroad program in Buffalo, NY, and loved it! But now I'm back in Australia!

While I was there I didn't run TBVWriting anymore, unfortunately, because I just didn't have the time with all the partying haha - I was and still am making affiliate sales to this day though! And my websites supplement my travels around the world (motivation for any newbies!!).

Anyways I just wanted to say Hi and also let everyone know that I've put TBVWriting back up again, and starting it off with a HUGE BANG! $6 articles!!!

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