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What is Your Opinion About This?

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What is Your Opinion About This?

I have a site... http://www.liveinasiablog.com

As the URL suggests, it's a blog about living in Asia. On this site, I target 3 niches, language learning, making money online, and TEFL certifications. I also sell travel services.

All of these niches are relevant to the topic of my site, living in Asia. My concern, though, is if I'm "confusing" Google. For example, we all know it's good to get relevant links to our sites.

Well, what does Google consider relevant links to a site that has such a wide variety of content? Is it a language learning site? ...a make money online site? ...a travel site? ...a TEFL site?

Right now I have each of my niches set up as categories. I'm considering putting each category on it's own separate url, like this,


Each would use the same exact WP theme, so, when navigating, you wouldn't even notice that you were on a different site (except, of course, that the URL would change).

My question is....Is it really necessary to make these changes? I'd rather leave it the way it is, but I'm not sure if my current site structure is affecting my site performance by diluting the site's focus.

Anybody have an opinion on this?


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Hey Ryan, you don't have to set it up on separate URLS like that. You can set it up as categories that way as well. You could go to custom permalink structure and set your permalinks to go
Either way, to google it will all apear as one site.

Honestly though, those are such wildly different niches, they should each have their own site.

the only site that I have been able to successfully target multiple niches with is my personal development site, and the reason that works is the main focus is on mindset, goal setting, and mental exercises, but I discuss how these affect different areas such as making money, weight loss, fitness, relationships, etc...

But, there are common threads that tie these niches together. not just one tiny thread like where you live. Honestly, I would put each of those on their own domain, and perhaps use your main site as a place to funnel traffic to each of the niche specific sites.
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