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What homework should I be doing?

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What homework should I be doing?

Hi Guys
Being new to AffiloRama I am feeling my way around,

I know I have to click on the LESSONS at the top of the page and start reading as much as I can, "BUT"most people know that statistically you will only retain about 10% of what you read and a video might be around 20%.

So.... this comes down to the question of homework which was mentioned before I joined up, I hated it in high school and college but I'm looking forward to it here.

-When do I get my homework assignments ?

-What should I be concentrating on the most in the lessons for each homework assignment ?

I have been receiving daily tasks in my email but I am a little vague on what to read, yesturday I just watched a video that was day 4. In high school we had homework every day to cover that days lessons.

Can you please give me a run down of how lessons/homework are tackled here for the best results.

Thank you : Larry
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Larry Bauge
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Hi Larry

You make some good points - it is difficult to retain a lot of what we read.

The key is to put what you learn into practice right away. Taking action is a great way to commit what you learn into your brain, and benefit from what you learning too.

A lot of people like the AffiloBlueprint course because it focuses their efforts on a week by week basis with specific homework assignments to keep them on track.
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