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What did Affilorama use to make this membership site?

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What did Affilorama use to make this membership site?

Hi guys, I'm thinking of starting my own membership site with a forum, training videos etc. I really like the design of Affilorama's website and how ClickBank is integrated with memberships. What did you guys use to make this site? (WishList Member, S2Member, Amember)? If anyone else knows a membership site software with Clickbank, Mailchimp and forum software integration, please let me know.
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Hello @mulongoemmanuel

I know it's not really the answer you want to hear, but we built this site from scratch; the forum is powered by PhpBB and integrated into the rest of the site, but all of the rest of the website (training areas, member pages, etc) are *all* designed and coded from scratch by our in-house designers and developers

Speaking from personal experience, there isn't any "one size fits all" solution. Ultimately, most solutions build on an existing framework (e.g. WordPress is built upon by WishList Member or S2Member), and will get you most *but not all* of what you need.

I just recommend choosing a solution that seems to do 80% of what you want, and get that 80% completed and working, and figure out how best to deal with that other 20% at some point down the track :)
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