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Website Flipping Help! (Beginner)

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Website Flipping Help! (Beginner)

Hey guys,

I recently have gotten into website flipping. I find it to be very interesting and something I'd really like to get into.

One of the main things I have a problem with is putting my site up for sale for free. I know there are sites like Flippa, but there's actually a $19 fee. I honestly don't want to pay for something like that as I'm only just beginning.

I created a free weebly site recently and you can check it out here: http://how-to-deepen-your-voice.weebly.com

(the site was just indexed)

I'm planning to sell it for $10 - $25, since it's not that nice. I honestly just want to experience the feeling of selling a site. So at least I can get the experience.

I'm thinking about selling my site on the digitalpoint forum, but it seems like most of the really good sites aren't getting bought anymore. It also seems like the forum doesn't get that much traffic either. So it would be great if one of you guys could lead me to the right resources.

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We have a few members who sell their sites through this forum. You might want to check the Afiliate Hangout or Affilorama Services section of the Affilorama forums. You can find plenty of information on website flipping at Flipwebsites.com

Hope that helps. Have a good day!
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