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Watched the vids, set up a site. Where to now?

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Watched the vids, set up a site. Where to now?

I have now done all six mini course videos + 5 of the main lessons - I've created a web page complete with audio buttons etc - My question - having just looked at Aweber and Wordtracker...is when do I start? - ie - all this detail is great - but I'm not sure I'm going to understand the big picture until I'm actually ON LINE...?
Maybe a big sign in the video list saying....you have just passed go..!?
At the moment it's a bit like learning golf without having a round.

Is there a way I can put it online in in just a test mode?

I also suggest a course summary / review system that lays out clearly where you're going and where you've been...

I am enjoying it tho!..and looking forward to earning "sack fulls of cash"!!
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Hey Mike!

You may wish to check out this forum: http://affilorama.com/members/forum/viewtopic.php?t=29

This shows the upcoming video lessons, including roadmaps. There are so many paths that can be taken as an affiliate, the roadmaps will help guide you towards the outcome that you want.

I didn't realise before talking to so many people that people would be attempting to start before they finished all of the lessons.

The roadmaps will allow that to happen more easily and help you to see where you are on (like what you suggested).

Start making some articles, or get the elance authors to write some (on the topic of the site you are creating), you'll need these as content for your autoresponders and also for your search engine rankings. Watch lesson 23a-e on how to outsource to elance.

I get the feeling too many people are making generic article sites that have only 20-40 articles in them and a follow up sequence. This works and works well for me, but my hunch is doing what others AREN'T doing is what will make you stand out in the search engines.

I'm guessing now that the time may have come where we have to make 1x400 page site, vs 10x40 page sites, if you get what I mean. Done properly of course.

Anyway, let me know what you think,

talk soon,
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