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Videos On How I Build Site With Mark's Tips And My Tools

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Videos On How I Build Site With Mark's Tips And My Tools

This is just to let you know that over the next few days I will be uploading a series of videos whereby you will watch over my shoulder and see how I build my AffiloSite for the very first time.

The site I am going to build is called How To Look And Feel Great and I will be building and driving traffic using Mark Ling's exact strategies outlined in his AffiloBlueprint course as well as my own tools and resources I bought, used and benefited from in the past 2 years.

I am not afraid to be upfront by saying that I will be recommending those tools, resources and Mark Ling's AffiloBlueprint course as affiliate to all viewers under my Youtube videos description.

Over the next few videos, you are going to watch how I do keyword research using Traffic Travis, market research from 3 main networks as in Clickbank, Market Health and More Niche, content creation and spinning using Wicked Article Creator and driving traffic with another powerful all-in-one traffic software.

You can watch my preview video at:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUTKsyc4 ... e=youtu.be

Right now I need some time to be really familiar with Traffic Travis before doing the first video.
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Hi Amuro,

That all sounds exciting! I'm unable to view the video though. Could you please check the link and edit your post with the correct one? You might need to shorten it because it is automatically shortened when the link is too long.

Thanks and have a good day!
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