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Video marketing - still strong?

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Video marketing - still strong?

Is video marketing still strong and effective? Although YouTube videos get a lot of hits every day the competition is equally high too. Your video really needs to stand tall and out in the crowd to make any sort of impact on the minds of the surfers. What do you feel?
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I'm not too sure about video marketing either. I don't know how it is in other countries, but here in NL you're being bombed to death with Google's own video marketing commercials. My guess is that Youtube isn't doing that well, perhaps it lacks advertisers, and there's usually a reason for that.

But what do I know, this is just a guess. I did notice however that your videos can get almost 'randomly' popular; in other words, so far my experience has been that video marketing is shooting in the dark.

But look at it on the bright side. I think the key to success with video marketing is the same as with every other type of marketing; you've got to be persistent and continually improve. There are tons of people who make a great living from Youtube videos alone. For example those gameplay channels. Some have over 600.000 subscribers! I know of one person who build that amount up in about three years. But he worked harder than anyone probably to achieve that.

I've posted videos on Youtube a few years ago, some of them now have a few hundred views, others have tens of thousands while I did nothing to promote them. But there are a few things that I know of that make your videos rank higher on Youtube's search list;

- relevancy, and proper use of keywords
- competition
- number of views of your video
- popularity of your channel
- backlinks to your video, of course
- how far they've been watching your video (sorta like a bounce rate)

And as far as I know that make videos better watched and shared are videos that are;

- highly informational
- simple and easy to understand
- have humor
- show of some sort of skill
- come in limited numbers (shortage of such videos)

Maybe some others have something to add to this.
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