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Using keywords in my articles

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Using keywords in my articles

I am new here and have a questions. First I have all my keywords done and ready to write articles to my site. Do I have to write a topic for each set of keywords or do I use them within my articles? Do I use my keywords as my topic heading or do I just use a heading pertaining to my individual article.
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Hi Dwayne,

For any article that you place on your website you want to have your keywords in your "title tag". Let's say your keyword phrase is "funny cat toys" and your article talks about the best cat toy for small cats. Your title tag can say, "Funny Cat Toys for Small Cats" and in the body of your article, the title of the article can be, "Why Small Cats Love Funny Cat Toys and How to Get Them Cheap".

So, the title of the article can be more descriptive than your Title Tag. But you always want to be sure to include your keyword phrase in the title.

When submitting articles to article directories, it depends on what you're trying to accomplish. You'll always want to have your article titles contain your keywords you are targeting.

When submitting your articles to places like Article Marketing Automation, you don't need to worry about your keyword phrases be exact in the title, but it's a good idea for the titles to relate to the keywords your targeting.

For this example you could have your article titles contain any of these keywords in combination "cat" and "funny" and "toy"

Cat Toys for Summer and Fall
Funny Cats and Their Toys
When Cats See Mice as Toys


One thing I personally try not to do when I submit to other blogs or say places like squiddo, weebly, etc... is to not be in direct competition with my website keyword phrases. I've had my ezinearticles submissions rank higher for keyword phrases than my websites, but usually as time goes by my website will eventually rank higher as long as I'm working on the SEO.

The more you work with this sort of thing the more you'll learn about how to go about what you want to accomplish.

Hope that helps,
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