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Using AB Theme 3.1 - Quick Help Please

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Using AB Theme 3.1 - Quick Help Please

i have my site in which I put 2 articles

I then find out that when I go the main index of my site

It shows 2 articles in the one post with the titles on top of each other.

so for example:






why does it show that in my main index?

I would also like to remove the comments sections.

Please help :)

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You said you are using Affilotheme... Are you sure the comments are showing on your page? They shouldn't be unless you turned them on because I think those should be off by default.

As to the other question, it is simply a matter of setting a post as your home page which you can easily do by going to Affilothemes->Whole Page tab and looking under "Choose a homepage". It will give you a drop down box with all of your posts. Pick one, and that one will be the one that comes up if you type in the domain by itself.

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