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Use for an email list that is not opt-in?

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Use for an email list that is not opt-in?

Hi, wondering if there is a good use for a purchased email list that was not built as an opt-in list requesting information on our product. Looking for some marketing leverage for a new product launch, and appreciate any comments or suggestions.
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Unsolicited email is SPAM. I wouldn't count on any traffic you get from a purchased list. Too much risk for being marked as spam. Once you get that rep, it's hard to overcome.

An opt-in email list is better -- and double opt-in is best! That second opt-in is key. It's the one that comes in the email and says "click this link to confirm". The double opt-in prevents "spammers" from just throwing in any old email address just to get at some prize. That second opt-in confirms that the person who enters the email address "is who he says he is".

Hope this helps!
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