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Two Year Old World of Warcraft Domain for Sale

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Two Year Old World of Warcraft Domain for Sale

Hi Guys,

I am selling my world of warcraft website along with all the other wow related domains/blogs that I have. I am selling the site for 2 reasons: 1. Due to some personal issues Im currently dealing with, I recently moved out of the house and now living on my own in an apartment, so I need the extra money. 2. This site is one of the first sites I created on my own and because of the sentimental value it has I'd like someone who has the time to properly promote it; to own it rather than me letting the site sit and collect dust because I have no time at the moment.

Here are the information of the package I am selling (please PM me for any offers):

I created WoWStrategyBook two years ago as a niche review site for World of Warcraft. The site features reviews of the most popular strategy guides for World of Warcraft as well as authority content related to key in-game details frequently searched for by players.

World of Warcraft is one of the strongest gaming niches on the Internet. Released in 2004, the game has more than 11 million subscribers and is currently in the midst of its third expansion pack. Each expansion release breaks the record for fastest selling PC game and leveling guides for the game can reach gravity of more than 150 on Clickbank.

To get an idea of the value offered by the products being promoted on this website, the average player will spend upwards of 2-3 weeks of continuous play to level up a character from Level 1 to Level 85 (the current maximum level). With one of the guides promoted on this site, players can cut that time down to roughly 5 days. The time saved is significantly valuable to these players. It makes it easy for them to justify the purchase of multiple game guides.

Website Content
The website is created using XSitePro and features 47 pages of keyword targeted content including 15 reviews of top selling World of Warcraft products currently listed on Clickbank. All content is 100% original for this site – no PLR or rewrites were used to populate any page on this website, and all subsequent link building operations utilized rewritten content, not duplicates.

I’ve integrated an email mini-course into the site which provides 6 content rich emails and 2 followups with product recommendations (8 total emails). The current subscriber count in Aweber is 68.

Additionally, there is a blog on the site (http://www.wowstrategybook.com/blog) which currently has 70 posts. The last post was in July, 2010, but because the domain has a Page Rank of 3 and is highly optimized, you will find that fresh content will immediately result in a resurgence in traffic if it is targeted properly.

Important Statistics
Traffic was originally around 1200-1400 unique visitors per month before I ran out of time to work on the site. Current traffic is roughly 174 unique visitors per month with 228 page views. You can review the Google Analytics data provided with this auction to see exactly what pages and content those visitors are finding.

An extensive article marketing campaign was implemented last year through a private blog network and other web properties.

Because I want to make your entry into the World of Warcraft niche as successful as possible, I’m sweetening the pot with three additional websites including two blogs with 70 posts each. These sites include:
GamersChamber.com – Covers MMOs in general with 70 posts. The most recent post is from July, 2010.
Cataclysm-Expansion.com – A World of Warcraft blog with 70 posts. The most recent post is from July, 2010 before the actual Cataclysm expansion was released. Fantastic potential here due to the domain name and the targeted content.
GoldGuidesReviews.com – This is actually my most successful site in the package in terms of profit potential. It is a very simple landing page targeting buyers of Zygors Guides – a leveling guide series that usually sits at number one on Clickbank in this niche. I used it as a PPC landing page.
YourGoldSecrets.com – A static HTML website with reviews of three top World of Warcraft gold guides. One of the three guides no longer exists, so you’ll need to do some major updating on this page, but the domain is prime for optimization.
Blogspot Affiliate Links – I currently have a blogspot blog at wowauctionmastery.blogspot.com with affiliate links that redirect through wowstrategybook. What that means is when you update the server after receiving these sites, you’ll have a FIFTH website with potential affiliate income. This is a great sub-niche keyword site.

All three blogs include Premium themes from Woo Themes as well. You’ll get:
• WoWStrategyBook.com/blog – Headlines Theme
• Cataclysm-Expansion.com – Busybee Theme
• GamersChamber.com – Papercut Theme

The bottom line is that if you have the content and the time, these sites are fantastically well optimized and targeted within this niche. The key is content, something I haven’t had time to produce and implement in the last few months. With the right attention, these sites will absolutely be profitable.

Revenue Details

I’ll be honest. My primary focus for this site (and the associated domains) was traffic, and monetization never quite took off.

The key here is potential. The domain name is incredibly keyword rich, the domain has multiple top 10 rankings in Google for popular strategy guides in the niche, and you’ll receive a ready-to-use Aweber list complete with 64 existing subscribers.

To top things off, you’ll receive more than 200 pages of blog content from three existing websites, ready to be updated and rebooted to start drawing traffic, plus an PPC landing page that had great success when active.

Revenue is absolutely possible here and with the right attention, you’ll be looking at a heck of a niche presence. I’ve include screenshots of Clickbank revenue attached to these accounts – it reflects the lack of recent work on the sites, but when properly updated, both the PPC landing page and WoWStrategyBook perform very well.

Other numbers include:
• Domain Age – 2 Years
• Page Rank – 3

PM me for any questions/inquiries.

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