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Troubles with getting ftp...

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Troubles with getting ftp...

Troubles with getting ftp connected, using filezilla, have it configured although will not connect, If anyone can help me would be cool,, Please
Have been working on my site, am trying to get involved,,,I want to at least cover costs, I need mentoring,,,I can do this,,,

regards , Juddy (:{~
re:connection established, waiting for welcome message....
could not connect to server
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Can you check if you enter these details on the general tab?

Host: ftp.yourdomain.com
Servertype: FTP
Logontype: normal
User: yourdomain.com
Password: (use the password given by your hosting)
Port: 21

You will experience connection problems if you entered the following as your host:

yourdomain.com OR
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