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Traffic travis not reporting correct backlinks, suggestions?

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Traffic travis not reporting correct backlinks, suggestions?

I bought the pro version all excited for such a professional tool. I did some niche research, then started checking potential keywords out with traffic travis 4. Seo competition analysis showed me some of my keywords looked very easy to rank for, because they are showing 0 backlinks and I was all excited.


Lucky I double checked with Seoquake and to my surprise semrush is showing 12-15 backlinks (which is not that hard to beat at all) but it would be nice if I could trust Traffic Travis and save time or at this point I'm wondering why I should use traffic travis at all?

Does this bother anyone else?

Is this going to be fixed soon?

Does everyone else double or triple check like I did with seoquake or some other program? and if so what are the best ways to check for accurate amount of backlinks for a keyword I'm trying to rank for?

Unless I am misunderstanding something traffic travis seems broken to me and not giving me confidence to use it????????????
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This sounds like a very interesting point to make note of because i was considering buying Traffic Travis too. I was a bit skeptical because I also checked to see if my website has any backlinks using the free version of Traffic Travis and it says that I have 0 backlinks even though I have already submitted 6 articles to E-zine articles and 1 article to Article Base.

To hope somebody could comment.

I would like to know if Traffic Travis is the real deal or a waste of time.
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