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Traffic Avalanche & Affiliate Annihilation?

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Traffic Avalanche & Affiliate Annihilation?

Hey Guys and Girls
Just wanted to know if anyone has tried Traffic Avalanche or Affiliate Annihilation these guys always profess to being broke know nothings until they stumbled across an unbelievable system that nobody knew about but they are willing to share this with the world for $39 to a limited number of 375 people or even less so they make $14,625 if they sell all of them!
So if you were totally loaded why would you bother telling everyone this secret wouldn't you just keep using it yourself until it didn't work anymore!
I know I have just answered my own question but I get these emails every other day from these guys!!!

If its too good to be true it often is...........

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well indeed you have answered all the questions. The biggest secret of them all is that there is no secret, everything is just plain old hard QUALITY work that needs to be done in order to have success.

The question you can ask yourself is that if some random person that stumbles up on a system or some of the best and smartest progammers in the world at google that has a 7 figure yearly income and has nothing better to do than optimizing their serach engine so no one can take andvantace of any glitches and that the engine will show visitors the most highly related content avaliable.... knows their "stuff better".
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