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The WOW Factor

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The WOW Factor

Hi I was thinking of a funny thing that happened a while back. I was in my office working on marketing when my son Mack came in. I had been thinking he should be approaching me soon with some great idea you know so dumb and so original it has to be someone else’s idea. I remember this from doing this myself. You know the I am going to join the circus and be famous daydream. Anyway that’s what I was thinking just before he came in and said dad I got a great idea. Then I was thinking o no.I say hi Mack what are you thinking. He says I want to get a tattoo. I say No Mack you are too young to make that decision. He says no, no dad you will like it .I said I think not . He says just wait dad! dad! listen I want to get a W on each cheek! I said what!! He just smiled he knew he had me so he says yeh so when I bend over it says WOW.
I still laugh when I think of that.
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