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The Stats - After a month of blogging

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The Stats - After a month of blogging

Hi guys!
It has been a month since I started and today I wanted to share the statistics of it all.

In short, I received 167 unique visitors to my blog. I have been blogging regularly and sharing across all my social media platforms and the results have been great. I have 5 subscribers to my list (I haven`t made money yet) but you know it`s only been a month. I`m happy with my stats so far.

Read the blog post here: http://emmanuelmulongo.blogspot.ca/2013 ... later.html
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I think I`m a pretty cool marketer, blogger, graphic designer, web developer and photographer.
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I`m pretty active online - you`ll enjoy getting my newsletter (It has a pretty template and a logo). I also love Coffee! Well, that`s enough for my signature hope to see you connecting with me!
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Hi mulongoemmanuel!

Congrats! :)

You know you can still improve your site by adding more clear and easy navigation like adding more categories and option in your top menu. Making your top menu more visible. Adding side bar with your recent posts or you can also put the categories there. And also perhaps more photos. :)

Also, I have noticed that your anchor texts are not keyword-rich. I suggest you review the right on-page SEO so you can optimize the right keywords for your site and you can target buyers. :)

I hope that helps!

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