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Thanks to find that community and talk about Spanish Market

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Thanks to find that community and talk about Spanish Market

Hi everybody, my name its Luis Rivera, and im here because all of yourse im trying to make money on he affiliate market. The difference its that im in the Spanish Language market, and i need to say that theres no competition, and the people who are doing something are just translating english products to spanish and selling it, %90 copy and i have the proofs, because im in the list of many gurus and a lot of people of affiliate and maybe 1 month later i see a dumb selling something just translate to spanish.

Well, i apreciate to participate in a comunnity like that, im doing my best sharing information in my blog, and promoting products in English, yes i know thats can be stranger or not good, but i have my etic, and im not going to promote somenhing in spanish just for the money, i belive in the trust of my list.

Im student of Law, i have not the time to do my own products, im trying very hard but the time for me its very very strtch.

*If someone belive that their product can be good in the spanish language and can be sellit good, we can talk.

My website its- internetesnegocios.com

its posicionated well "for me" and for the time that i have.

I have big dreams and i sleep a little.

Thanks, please visit my web site, its in spanish but i do a hardwork im webdesigner, so i acept critics and all can the community want to share.

Again thanks to all.
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Internet es Negocios http://internetesnegocios.com
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Welcome to the Affilorama forum, Luis! :)

You might want to send a PM to Griser12. He offers Spanish Content Translation services.

All the best!
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