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Starting my site - Have I got everything right?

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Starting my site - Have I got everything right?

Hi there
I'm starting to build content for easyweight.org
I want to give my auidence lot of good info but just enough to keep em intrested so let me know it this is enough.
I have divided the site into three stages.

Topic: Loosing weight

Stage 1: Intro
-Understanding what you are getting into ( 1 page )
-The reasons what causes bad shape. ( 2-3 pages )
-understanding why diet,exercise,attitude need to be combined together. (2-3 pages)
- Why you will succeed. (1 pages)

Stage 2: Doing It
-The Diet (Intake) [3-4 pages]
-The Exercise (Output) [3-4 pages]
-Creating a balance between intake and output. [1-2 pages]
-Shock Therapy, if you don't get results do this [1-2 pages]

Stage 3: Keeping the Results
- Keep it from coming back.
- Then a persusaive speech asking them to look at my chosen products.
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Sounds good for a starter. It's nice to have such obvious structure to your site, and an obvious "story" that will keep people reading through.

Those could in effect be your navigation menu items. Then later on you'll be able to flesh out the site even more by adding more articles to those sections.
Remember that more content is always good.

Good luck!
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