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Start your own Affiliate Network or Program

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Start your own Affiliate Network or Program

I am new and I was wondering if someone could tell me how to start my own Affiliate program or Affiliate network
or some good programs to use with my own affiliate program please and thank you ?
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Hi Affiliate,
Welcome to Affilorama.
Owning an affiliate program or network is not something that can be described in one forum post.
There is so much involved in it.
You will need to do your own research on this and Google is your best friend when it comes to this.

I admire your initiative in wanting to start your own program but as a newbie to IM would you not be better off learning about Internet Marketing and doing it yourself first and getting some success under your belt, so you then know how to best serve your affiliates?
It is sort of like saying you want to build a car engine without, first becoming an apprentice motor mechanic.
I do admire your enthusiasm though.

Kind Regards
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