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Should you list your keywords in your sites html?

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Should you list your keywords in your sites html?

I was analyzing a website and I notice that while some of their pages, which each contain an article, did have keywords listed in their html and some of them did not. I just went to each article/page and then to 'view' in my browser and then to 'source' to see the html for that page.

But, what I notice was that some of the pages that didn't list any keywords in the html, still ranked well in google for some of the keywords they were using on their other pages. So I'm assuming they still had keywords for those pages too, they just didn't list them in the html. Even their 'about page' which tells what the site is about, and their 'disclosure page' which discloses that they're an affiliate, were ranking well in google for some of their keywords even though they don't mention any keywords in their html for those pages either. Why would you even want to rank for those pages?

So anyway, it's looking to me like it may not even be necessary to have your keywords listed in your html to rank well. So does that even matter at all, because if not it would probably be better not to even list them in your html? That would just make it easier for your competitors to find out your keywords.
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I'd assume that Google can tell the difference between lists and well written content and probably for the most part ignores the keyword lists. I'd focus on having your kewords emplyed well, yet placed naturally with good grammar throughout your articles and being included properly in article titles when appropriate.

Also I hear it's a good idea to have the primary keyword(s) of the article in the first few sentences.
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