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Sharing The Success

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Sharing The Success

If there's anyone on the forum that could do with a bit of extra help with there business online or has already built one, let me know - It'd be great to help or just have a chat and skype or something.

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Hey Gyles,

We've got no problem if you're not worried about having your Skype username out there. Just be aware that this page is publicly viewable on the internet, so you might get approached by Nigerian princes who need help with a sticky financial matter :)

We also have a private messaging system if you wanted to discuss things with other members in a slightly less public place, rather than using Skype.

You can message someone by clicking on their username and then sending them a message from their profile page, and you can check your own messages by clicking on your name (up in the very top right of this page) and going to your "inbox".
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