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Share your story in an open interview

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Share your story in an open interview

Hi guys,

I am looking for anyone who is willing to share his/her story on my personal Slovak (NOT English) blog chodelka.sk

I blog about affiliate marketing and in Slovakia for those who want to share a success story.

Is here anyone making from 200 to 2500 dollars a month willing to answer a couple of questions?

We can do it anonymously, it's up to you.

If you want, I'll link to any of your website (my blog is strong in SEO) or product (VERY loyal community).

What I'll be asking - how do you get traffic, how did you pick a niche, what works best for you, how much money you make, how do you organise your time etc.

It would be really great to have you on my blog!

If interested, please PM me here or e-mail me at chodelka@gmail.com

Thanks a lot.

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To be very fair with you, it’s not the MISSING part, it’s a HIDDEN part. I don’t think too many are going to give their insights to anyone, at least for FREE! So, you are going to hear out from them over their failures or success, but rarely will you hear the EXACT way to it. Anyhow, I am not exactly highly successful but in recent times, I have gain a lot of growth in my business, I am not going to hide away from the way to it because it’s not my way but it’s from this site - https://salesfunneltechnician.com/strategy-session, so no other secret for my doubling up of sales than them!
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