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Selling Several Nice Domains - Good prices

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Selling Several Nice Domains - Good prices

Hi Everyone,

I'm working on narrowing down my Internet business and part of that is selling off domains that I have no time to work. Some are just sitting there waiting for someone to work on them, a few are making money in Adsense or the occational clickbank or cpa offer. If you have an interest, the best way to contact me is by email: chrisi at netwoozy. com. You can also PM me and I'll try and check once a day here.

Ezboxerdogtraining.com - nice AB site.
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luauideas.net - set up with commission junction for affiliate sales. Can be set up with amazon products.

3dtvcosts.net - good for specific 3dtv models - amazon

alcoholrehablasvegas.net - this site is ranking #3 in google for alcohol rehab las vegas. There are rehab centers paying for Adwords ads. My goal was to rank it at 1 and then email the rehab centers bidding on ads and have them bid on it on flippa. I just don't have time to do this but it is really a good oportunity for someone. You can either set it up to lease to one of the rehab centers for a monthly income, or have them buy it outright.
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ezpondideas.com - This site earns about $25.00 to $40.00 a month in Adsense and the occational Koi ebook. This site will earn much more if you work on backlinks. I just don't pay enough attention to it. Mostly just submit a few articles every month or so to AMA.

I would set this site up with amazon products that people buy for ponds. I only "recently" have started to learn about amazon and this site is perfect for selling pond pool pumps, liners, waterfall features etc... It was built with xsitepro. I can add the entire site asis into your hosting account, or give you the html files so you can work on them, which is what I would do. This is really a nice opportunity for someone just starting out who wants to build on something already working.
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fellowshredders.net - this site earned $23.00 last month selling shredders. I sold 3 of them and a few accessories. I would add more models to the site and then start backlinking. I have only done some minimal web2.0 backlinking work. I submitted 1 article to UAW and AMA.
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The following domain names are good for amazon or clickbank.
Flatsamsung.net - $15.00
Halitosiscauses.org - $15.00
maleyeastinfectiontreatment.net - $50.00 (set up to sell clickbank ebook)
onlinefilesstorage.com - $25.00
whichcarinsuranceisbest.com - $25.00

They are all on 1and1.com. Typically I find that 1and1 transfers go pretty smooth, but a few of them have taken a week or more to transfer.

The domain names I pick are usually good due to low comp, good adsense value and or good for selling clickbank or amazon products. If you want one of these domains that is a blog, you'll need to have someone transfer it. You can have that done from someone at fiverr.com for $5.00.

Pm or email if you're interested,
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