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Reminding myself why

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Reminding myself why

Sometimes I get wrapped up in trying to make my site make money or thinking about all the money I can make when I get my sites going good... Or even the things I can buy. But this week, I've had a reminder of the real reason, at least for me, why I want to build my business.

See, offline, I mostly work nights and watch one or both of my two children during the day (depending on if the older one is in school or not). Now, I don't get to spend much time with my family doing things, usually because i have one thing or another going on during the mornings and afternoons... Laundry to wash, sites to work on, housework to do, kids to get where they need to go, trying to get any rest I didn't get the night before, etc. And my nights are occupied, mostly, with my J.O.B.

However, this week managed to give me an opportunity do so something with my son that I might not otherwise have had if I worked a more traditional 9 to 5 -- at least not without taking time off and most likely not getting paid (or being paid less) for that time. My older son is a Cub Scout and had Day camp this week. Of the group that I was with, I was one of the few who was there every day this week and the ONLY dad of the particular group I was with.

Now, true, there WERE other dads out there, and SOME that even participated the full week. But if I had a traditional 9 to 5, I would have had to take a vacation, possibly without pay, if I didn't have any vacation time available to me. And if that were the case, my income would be less than I would normally make.

My goal isn't necessarily to not ever to have to do any work. I realize that is not very realistic, and I think I would get quite bored. Rather, spending time with my family is something that I enjoy doing. My reason for doing this is not to just be lazy, sitting by the pool all day and just make money. But rather, my goal is to be able to have a business where if I want to take a week or two to spend time with family, I can do so and still be able to make as much, or close to as much, as I would if I had not taken the time off.

So think about your own reasons. Is it really the money or object you are after? Or is it something that having the money or object can provide for you? Figure that out, and let it motivate you!

(Can't wait until next week when I'll have more time to focus on this for a while ;)
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Good job, Grady! It's important to keep your goal in mind. It helps keep you motivated when the going gets tough.

I'll admit, it can be tough to slave away over my laptop day in and day out. Sometimes I forget why I'm doing all this stuff. Sometimes when I'm only making a few hundred dollars a month it can seem like it is nearly impossible to reach a full-time income with this stuff.

But in the end, I'm definitely more happy. I don't have to deal with boring and pointless work. And I can work anywhere with an internet connection and take a few days off whenever I need to.

For me, it was all downhill after I read the 4 Hour Work Week. After that I was "broken" and don't think I could ever really go back to a 9-5 job. With my head full of 'round-the-world travel fantasies, I keep pushing myself through the hard work :)
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