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Recommendations for an all-around Noob?

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Recommendations for an all-around Noob?

Okay, I have been working with IM'ers for a long time now on the other side of the fence but I never had all of the tools in place to start my own programs. Now I am though, and going at it from both ends ... promoting and creating my own affiliate programs. The promotion part I know I can handle but I need some help with the other end. Since I am new and recovering from a personal circumstance that left me without much, I am beginning with very little but ... and maybe because of that, I want the feedback from some people who have been where I am now.

For promotions, I have a blog set up and am setting up a new site that is a bit more targeted. I will be promoting from click bank and some other items so that is not an issue once I can get it up and running and get some cash coming in. However, getting everything up is taking time that I would otherwise be using to make extra money now ... which is why my budget is so limited.

I am building two sites and I need affiliate software and a cart. I am building the site with joomla but most of the affiliate software and cart solutions there are pretty restricted and/or limited.

I am looking at two open source affiliate solutions ...

eLitius and Affiliates for All

However, I am not yet sure if they are compatible with carts I know about or not or whether I can use them with Paypal.

So I guess this is my question:

I am building a full community site with Joomla, allowing (encouraging) people to open their own stores and upload their own products, paying a flat commission to product creators, a flat commission to affiliates and the rest should be left in my paypal account.

If you were creating a setup like this without having any additional income, what tools would you use? I understand some of them may cost some money and I will be improving as I can but should I have to wait until I get enough for everything? It is going to take time to build up my other site so that I can begin promoting things and in the meantime, I still have to earn a living since it is all I have. What would you do? Recommendations? Ideas?

Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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hi there pal, try looking at this site: http://www.shoppingcartelite.com, hope that helps...
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