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Read if in Weight Loss Niche

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Read if in Weight Loss Niche

Hi guys,
Just something I've noticed while creating a new site in weight loss niche. A lot of keywords can be referred generally back to OVERALL weight loss. And that means that it can be targeted with a general weight loss product, of which, ClickBank hosts about 8 which have pretty good gravity.
Does it matter which I promote? Is this a common occurance for you guys, or am I doing something wrong?
Basically, I feel as though it doesn't matter what keyword I use or what product I promote, just that really, anyone on my site is GENERALLY wanting to lose fat, and it can be done with any of these 8 products...
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I don't think it's just the weight loss niche that it happens in. Several of the niches I've looked at have multiple products. Some products are more general while others are more specific. And the keywords could really be targeted to draw for whichever you think (or find through T&E) will convert the best.

As for which one you promote, promote the one you feel will get the best results. Or you could promote one on one page and another on a different page. It's really all up to you.

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