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Question about purchasing niche lists. Do they work?

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Question about purchasing niche lists. Do they work?

I'm brand new to affiliate marketing (not to IM though) and have lots to learn I realize (I'll be studying affilorama content a lot).

I have few questions.

1. If I can get a quality niche list, let's say I made a deal with a friend that owns a large kids site that sells kids products and has 500k customers and I buy his database of customers. Well I now know this crowd all have small kids. I wanted to send them emails.

How many emails per week should I send them?
From those, what % should be soley informative w/o trying to sell vs. with affiliate links?
Can I expect to make good money with such a list if it's not opt in, as long as I know the niche and promote products within the niche

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Hmm first thing first buying a list without getting the site who got them l to the list, is probably not legal because they agreed to be on h list so if he moves them to you and only u while he lose any rights to contact them, then that might be ok, but if he sells them to you and still pm then you probably will get a lot of angry faces and flaged spam and they dont know you.

On general 500k list if they come of their on occurred you can definitely make a living with them promoting.

instead i will reccomend you go and try to get your friend to send them or pay your friend to send them a 7 part email that will show them your squeez page where they can sign up for your list for a free report on children safe toys and so on .
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