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Product Owener Wants Me To Review His Product

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Product Owener Wants Me To Review His Product

Hello everyone,

I was contacted a few days ago by a product owner, (mass email??) I don’t know

my website is a review style website in the weight loss niche. and when I do a new review I actually buy the product and have some of my team members test the program for 2-3 weeks. So then we can post actual real world reviews.

this is the first time I have been approached by a product owner to review his product. So, because my website is doing well all ready and im not actively looking for more products to promote, I asked for a copy of the eBook or program (free).

now I have no problem adding the product to my website (overall it looks good) but I feel the time to review it, add it to my website, etc...is worth a free copy of the program.

what do guy's think?
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I always request free review copies of products, outside the IM niche, I almost always get them. There is no problem with getting a free copy to review, but due to ftc regulations, make sure within your review that you notify your readers that you got a free review copy of the product.

I get review requests from time to time with my blogs. I always am willing to do the review, but I let them know that 1, I get full access to the product, and 2, my review will be based on my experience, and I wont promote something that I don't believe in to my readers. I have done a few (although not many ) negative reviews because of how bad the product was. It upsets some product owners when you do that, (especially if they give you a free copy), but I am blogging for my readers not for the product owner.
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