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PPC WOES, My Heart is Sinking!

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PPC WOES, My Heart is Sinking!

Good morning to all,,,,,

Well I "WAS" feeling like I was making a little headway (researching clickbank) for some topics, even doing my keyword research (on market samurai) and starting to develop a strategy in my mind as to how I am/was going to tackle the whole process in general (I was even getting set to put a website together).... You know, I've done my due diligence, Ive studied and studied and read simply everything I can get my hands on and focused on the basics, I DO WANT THIS ALL TO WORK!! (heck I spend around 8-10 hours EVERYDAY) trying to connect all the pieces to the puzzle.... just to get this far Ive spent this amount of time (FOR MONTHS)!!! and please let me say here that NO I have never wanted, nor have I expected to enter into this arena in hopes of making a quick few dollars. I have wanted to enter the whole affiliate marketing business as a way of life over the long term.

Unfortunately,,,, I am a person of very limited income (heck I don't even have enough money right now to be able to afford the premium membership) let alone the affiliate blueprint 2.0,,,,, or any other paid programs..... So, here I am attempting to put all of this together myself (connecting all the dots so-to-speak) on my own trying to figure out HOW to make sense of it all making it all work.... Which I have to a certain extent (as I say in the above).....

My plan was to: Select a product(s) from Clickbank (do my keyword research with Market Samurai, which I do),
build my site, start promoting it, etc. etc. etc. (all that goes along with it) I know how to do all that really,,,, And pretty much wait to start to begin to rise in the SERPS through SEO implementations (which I can do as well)!!!

BUT (now here's the kicker so-to-speak)

Now everywhere I go, I keep reading where it is pretty much (NO, A MUST) if one truly expects to go ANYWHERE with ANY of this, it is a MUST that we use and implement PPC right from the very beginning... Not only that, but we should understand it very well, and do split testing and run various campains to see what keywords are preforming well and which ones aren't....... Basically just throwing MONEY around testing and testing until one figures it all out!

Like I said, I don't have any extra money to throw around, nor do I have lets say an extra $97.00 per month or so to become a member of X'Y'Z's course to try to teach me how to use PPC to begin with,,,,, even then I would still be having to spend even more Money on PPC campaigns, money that I don't have to begin with.

My plan was to originally make a little (meager amount of money) through free organic search results, THEN Scale it up ALLOT with PPC and so on,,,,,, but now all I am hearing that it is a MUST to use PPC effectively from the VERY BEGINNING, and if not then your not going anywhere!

From what I am finding out, sure one can make themselves a site, have it indexed, have all the bells and whistles etc. write all kinds of articles, blog about it till the sun goes down,,,,,, but without PPC in the mix, its just not ever going to go anywhere..... and that alone is very Discouraging for me!

I guess what I am desperately wanting to know is can I make anything work (is it possible) to make even a little bit of money WITHOUT PPC in the beginning? (i am very eager to learn and implement PPC once I get my feet wet a little) but NOT before I even get started.... I just don't want to spend countless hours putting my heart and soul into something that is never going to go anywhere, requiring I spend a great deal of money on like PPC strategies, something that I don't have the money right now for to begin with anyway.

PLEASE could Someone Respond who KNOWS a REALISTIC and Informative answer to this......

Pretty much this morning, I suddenly feel like somebody has hit me in the gut, and Im just wanting some realistic advise on moving forward..... or should I just give all this up right now before I dig myself any deeper?

Please, I would greatly appreciate some sound advise here!

Thank you in advance!
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Hi Steve,
I am not an internet marketing expert (yet...), and I am also fairly new to this game (1 year), but I can tell you a few things:
1) You have to walk before you can run. If you try running first you will just fall down and get discouraged. Article marketing comes before PPC, and you can be a huge success on Article Marketing alone.
2) I have tried Article Marketing (AM) and it really does work. It may not be as instant as PPC, but it is longer lasting. Once your articles are out there, they are there to stay. Good articles will get passed around and around. One article I wrote made it to the #1 spot on Google and has stayed there- out of over 1 million possible pages- for months now. I don't think it will be dropping any time soon. I have built links supporting it as well.
3) Have you heard of Bum Marketing? You don't need to spend a single penny to make money online. You can get some free blogs etc. going and some articles out there and get some money coming in to pay for the Premium membership.
4) I started without a penny to my name. (Only now can I afford the premium membership and it is fantastic. Very much worth it for all the tools and bonuses you get.)
5) I wonder if all the people telling you that you must start out with PPC from the start are just trying to convince you to buy into their PPC course?
6) I have nothing against PPC, but in my opinion it's better to start out with AM until your website is established and you know what you're doing, and some money is coming in. Then, you can learn PPC and have money to risk. Many marketers are successful at PPC but they've put in their time and they have also probably lost a little now and then.
7) Don't ever give up! Make a plan to follow along with Mark's free course, learn as much as you can, and if you need extra help, go over to Travis Sago's Bum Marketing site and get more free help. (I hope that's OK to say that in here!) When you are at the point you can afford Affiloblueprint and/or the premium membership, you will be ready for all the extra information you will get.

Hang in there. The only way you can fail is by giving up.

You can do this!

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