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offline marketing ?

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offline marketing ?


i know this may be a bit of target with this affiliate forum, but besides my affilojet sites, i also have a product i for offline businesses, i just don't know where to advertise it for them.

if anyone who has experience of where to advertise to individuals who has an offline business, i would be very happy to hear about it.

thank you so much

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Hi Jacques,
not sure how to help you, since you don´t give any idea and info where we try to help you. What is your product in general or just P.M. me if you would like to discuss it private. I´m doing offline marketing too. But depending on the definition we can mean completely different things, so let´s define first, then move on to help you.

In general diversifying your income streams is good basis for a building robust (online) marketing business.

Good luck and let me know.

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