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Niches webinar - Where is it?

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Niches webinar - Where is it?

I need some help. I've been searching for an hour to find a webinar recording that was along the lines of "He has over 150 niche sites making $100 to $500 per month." I thought it was put out by Affilorama, but now I'm not sure. Of course, now my lunch hour is over so I don't have time to listen to it now. Argghh!! :-) I'm sorry that's all I remember of the description. It came out in the last 2 to 6 weeks.
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There is a PPC Bully bonus where I go through 30 Exclusive Profitable Niches - In this product I list 30 proven-profitable niches that both myself
and other are making money in right now. Take the guess-work out of
picking a niche by targeting ones that are already working!


Or try this which discusses finding highly profitable niches - http://www.affilorama.com/blog/webinar

Hope you find it!
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