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Newbie Promoting Affiliate Marketing as Niche

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Newbie Promoting Affiliate Marketing as Niche

I've been doing the AM off and on since last August. I didn't get real serious about it until November. I've noticed that a lot of new affiliate marketers jump right into doing marketing for affiliate marketing programs. I have avoided doing this because the market is extremely competitive, mainly because many of the affiliates are very seasoned and at the top of their games, so to speak. Therefore, getting highly ranked in Google would require an immense amount of work, beyond that of marketing a do-it-yourself wart/mole removal kit, or some such item.

So, based on my quite limited experience, if I were to suggest a niche for a newbie, I would first suggest not getting into marketing for the affiliate marketing niche. Any thoughts?

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Hi Carl,
It depends on how aggressive you are in your marketing and the resources you have.
But as a general rule, No I would not recommend newbies go into the Make money and IM niches.
You really want to give accurate info and value to the people you are marketing too and that can be hard to do when you are first starting out.

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