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New to the all of this...questions

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New to the all of this...questions

So I am new to all of this and just had a couple questions for everyone. How long did it take before you started to make money? How much, for an average week or month do you make? I am just trying to get a gauge to shoot for or at least see if my results are +/- average. Thanks:)
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Hi elrobbo6,

If you are making $50-$200/week after 4 months, then you should be really happy. However, how much you make and how soon will vary depending on where you are in the AB course, how well you've implemented everything, and the niche that you are in.

Everyone goes at their own pace, so I'd say that there would be a wide range of results among AB members after 4 months work. The most important thing is that you take the time to do everything properly and to a high standard rather than rushing through and ending up with a poor quality site that will have numerous problems in the future.

All the best :)

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