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New membership rates for Affilorama

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New membership rates for Affilorama

on the new rates are people only having to pay a one time fee at $29.95 and then monthly after that? It seems really cheap to get in at $30 and absorb all of this and then go elswhere.You are very generous. I should not say that,we got the best deal of all,after all.$199 for life! wow!
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There will constantly be new content added, new interviews with top internet millionaires, more lessons are in the works, updates to software, more consultations to watch, more chance to meet other members and joint venture with each other, and so forth.

Even a few other goodies I'm keeping to myself till they are ready in a couple of months (secret squirrel).

I hope that there will be a high member retention rate as a result of producing a high quality membership.

And yes, you do get the best value being one of the initial members :)

All the best,
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