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New Member Here - Hi

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New Member Here - Hi

Hello All,

I am a new member here. I had started an IM website (Amazon Affiliate) before I started AffiloBlueprint. I have made it part way through the lessons so far. After going through some of the lessons and seeing mistakes I had made already, I made big adjustments to the website and currently I am still adding content. Have not made any money from the website yet, but the daily views are starting to increase. Best day today at a little over 200 visitors. I am looking forward to completing the lessons and am hoping I will be able to follow the course and start making a small income. We live in Central America where it is very difficult to earn money, so this is about our best option.

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Someday I will figure it out.....Maybe.......
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Hi Tim!

So glad to hear this.

Yes, please continue and finish AffiloBlueprint and you will see the progress of your new and improved site. We look forward to hearing of news about your first sale, as well. :)

Keep up the positive spirit and good luck!
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