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New here - Keen to learn about linking and keywords

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New here - Keen to learn about linking and keywords

Hello everyone,

I am new here. I actually started learning about online marketing abut a month ago. I started doing a couple of adword campaigns and it was a disaster. Luckily I did not spend much time or money before I realized it was not working for me. I moved on to setting up some sites with google adsense and plenty of articles. I currently built about 10 sites and I am tweaking them and I wanted to review your course before going any further. I need t know about linking and keywords and all of that before I can list my sites and who better to learn from. So here I am.

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Hi Moliver,

Nice to meet you, remember we are all here to help.

Post your sites if you want me to have a look and comment. If you do, please provide as much detail as possible so that I can help (like what keywords are getting the visitors, if any, what pay per clicks you are using, if any (not necessary, but I can give better advice if I know details).

All the best!


ps Please go through the 90 day roadmap first
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