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New, Hello, A Question, and a Thank You

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New, Hello, A Question, and a Thank You

Hello all,

My name is Sergio, I bought the AB coarse and like many of the friendly people on this forum say- I have to agree that keep it simple is best for now.

Like many people looking for a magic bullet I have subscribe to every promotion out there. I find it interesting that people claim to earn millions of dollars a month.

I believe that it is possible to earn great money marketing but the skeptic in me says that real money, long term money and peace of mind come from the old school way of doing things.

A business person takes time to mature and be successful with a style of marketing, that again takes time to develop.

I think I'm just trying to convince myself that there is lots of cash heading my way- but trips to Tokyo, Barcelona, and that beautiful sailboat I've always wanted will have to wait a bit.

At least a year. YO!

Don't believe the hype just work smart.

So on that note:

I have a question:

I've picked my Niche.

My keyword list is strong to the best of my knowledge and I am able to write many words related to my topics.

Mark, says to pick 3 related products from clickbank. Done.

So now, Do I write 30 articles for each product or do I combine them and write 10 articles for each?

My products are so closely related that I can blend my whole website around one principle idea, and draw attention back to each product with the articles I write.

Any advice would surely be appreciated.

And last but not least I would like to say that I am hooked on AB. This environment is a pleasure to be involved with. I can sense that people here are genuinely warm, involved and eager to learn.

Thanks for this Mark, and your team.

I'll probably go by the name of Topper but I think I want something funkier.

Have a funny and interesting day.

Topper (Maybe)
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Have a good and funny day.

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Sergio what Mark teaches is to pick at least 30 keywords in your niche that receives a minimum of 1500 monthly search. if you are promoting 3 products then you will write 3 product reviews wherein the keyword for the product review is "Product name + Review". So if your promoting in the fitness niche maybe let's say "Truth about six pack abs" then your product review should have a title of "Truth about six pack abs review". This title will also serve as your keyword. As what Mark said this type of keyword does not receive much search but it converts at least 10 times more than the regular keywords.

Now you have 3 product reviews. The remaining 27 keywords should have 1 article for each of them. These articles including the 3 product reviews will total 30 articles covering 30 keywords since 1 article per keyword. All these articles will have their own page in your website.

Hope this helps.

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