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My Boot Camp update Project

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My Boot Camp update Project

Hi guys, I just to give everyone an update on my project. While I am not going to fully revealed the niche, it is my intention to keep a log here to chart my progress.

To date, I have posted a job on elance for twenty articles for my site. I had 16 bids and awarded one writer from Brooklyn the job. The price was $140.00 which I think was a good price. I also asked him if he will reduce the price if he is late and he agreed. So, at the moment I am waiting for all articles.

I also award a young lady from Canada to write 20 articles for ezine submission to point to my site. Her price was $100. I don't know if she will ever get back to me because I think this was very cheap. If she does I will let you all know.

I plan to use xsite pro to build this site. I've already bought this software and a member here will do the graphics when all articles are loaded to the site.

My gold is to follow Marks directions step by step. I checked with Mark on all the keywords and gave a thumbs up on them. Just to let you know...I used Traffic Travis to analyze all the keyword and Google for traffic Volume.

Before I ordered the articles I ask Mark to take a look at them first. After he told me to make sure that they all have at least 1500 search volume, then I preceded with the job order.

As it stands today, I am waiting on articles and doing more keyword research for my next project.
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