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Mr K baclink strategy still works?

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Mr K baclink strategy still works?

Hey everyone,

Just a quick question, Does anyone think the Mr K back linking strategy still works today?

I was wondering what the general consensus on it was here. I've been doing it but have so many back links now it's hard to tell if all the change with Google has affected this technique.

Good Luck to all
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kind of.

using the social sites still works, but most of them now no follow RSS feed links, so it doesn't quite work the same way that it did then. but, creating a network of web2.0 propertys, and linking them together, then pointing them back at your main site still works.

I generally do about 10-15 in each wheel myself.
I just read this blog post about it myself:

often, these link wheels will drive a lot of direct traffic to your site, and amongst each other, which will help your rankings with all your pages. I am working on some right now pointing at some of my Youtube videos that I am trying to get ranking.
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