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MindMovies Questions for Mark Ling

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MindMovies Questions for Mark Ling

Hi Mark,

This thread is a shortcut to this one (more complete then):

Questions for Mark/Staff/Members:

Let's explore further the video & pdf telling how to reprogramm your mind in 3 months telling out loud an affirmation 5 minutes per day (based on Mark’s journey)!


Which method is better the one mentioned above (5mins - 90days) or using a software like Mind Movies?

// Note for affilorama readers
MM allows to make a video selection music & images that make sense to you, illuustrating your target.
Just like a baby for a woman wishing to get pregnant.

The only task left after composing the video is to watch it once in the morning & once before going to sleep.
// end of Note

If I use Mind Movies what would be better/more powerful (I am French): using the affirmations in English or translating them into French?

Thanks you in advance.
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