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Marketing yourself - Inside out

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Marketing yourself - Inside out

Hi everyone,

Today, something really upset me and in the hopes of rescheduling cancelled dreams, I hope this post will help you discover your inner talents.

For many years as I was growing up, what I wanted to do with my life seem to be a puzzle. One day I would wake up and was destined to be an astronaut, a week later, I wanted to be a spy, a few days down the line, I wanted to be a fireman, then I thought about being an artist.

Like a dog chasing it's tail, I found myself worn out, but still in the same place. It always depressed me not knowing where I was going or who I was going to become, until 3 years ago, I had an enlightening experience.

This experience happened on a lonely, sad and broke day in the park, with no money in my pocket, no mobile phone, no job and nothing to do, just in a moment of silence, a spark in my mind lit up my future, like the start of the universe in triple darkness it finally dawned on me what it is I wanted.

I wanted to help people and be a service to humanity and to inspire others.

Of course, I had no idea how I could do it and even doubted that I would, but just remember, you may loose your loved ones, your house, your car, your money or even your leg, but no one can take away your dreams, it is dreams that shape and mould the world, to think the impossible is to do the impossible.

It only takes a nice long deep breathe in, a quick observation around you, for you to see just how much talent is amongst us, in me, in you, in everyone. The world is talented.

I would like to share with you a few things so that you can discover what it is you want and to give you faith that you will get it, some of these tips might seem irrelevant, but I can assure you, they will help you as they have helped me.

1. Walking - 2 or 3 times a week, wrap up or strip down depending what country your in! and by yourself with no mobile phone, go for a nice steady walk in the free open and beautiful world.

2. Read - Whatever interests you have, whether its gaming, golfing, exercise, fishing, marketing or poker, it is a certainty that have a book on it. When I first started reading, my mind was is war, I would be struggling to read the first page and a little voice in my head would be saying "youtube....go and meet so and so....Im hungry....this is boring...why wont this book stay flat!" I would read a page and fall asleep. Dont give up, force yourself to do it until you enjoy it.

3. Meditation - Does not mean sitting with your legs above your heads saying "ommmmmmm" meditation has been proven to help your mind be creative, your body healthy and various other positive things. In silence, the world speaks. There are many many styles, guides and techniques to learn how to meditate, but here is a simple exercise for you to try:

Simple meditation technique
    Find somewhere quite, turn all lights off and remove all plugs and TV etc
    Light a candle and place it in the centre of the room ( actually do the first one before you do this lol)
    Now for 20 minutes just focus on the candle
    Take notice of your breathing, breathing in through your nose and out through your move, like when a baby sleeps, you want it to be in rhythm
    Observe how noisy the mind can be and do this as much as you can, everyday I would recommend

4. Self - This is a very simple but useful idea. Find an a4 paper and fold it in half down the middle lengthways, now on the top of the left side, draw an unhappy face and on the other side, draw a happy face. Write down everything that is making you feel unhappy or that you are not happy with at this present moment and on the other side, everything that would make you happy.

This might seem like such a waste of paper, but by doing this, you are highlighting things about you that you would like to change or that you are good at, this will help you realise your own inner talents.

5. Marketing - Is not about the money! Money is like a cat, if you chase money it will run up a tree and hide. What is money anyway? Just a piece of paper that grows on trees, it is not money that has value, it is you. Marketing is about marketing you, you are the market, it is people who live for their passions who always blossom, whether it is online or offline.

Focus on the things you love, use the internet as a means to express yourself to the world, unless you are an investor who wishes to build a large digital company or to buy ad space and so on, you should focus on the things you do well. Even the larger corporations and those making good money teaching others to make good money all started from the bottom of the pyramid. It was their passions that bought them to the top.

Know thyself
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The mind is everything

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