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Marketing to the US from outside the US

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Marketing to the US from outside the US


We are looking at setting up a number of websites and we expect most of our customers will be from the states. What is the best way for us to be set up to run "a business" in the states - given that we don't live there.


Company Set up?
Bank Account?
Postal address?

Any ideas or experiences would be greatly appreciated.
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The best thing to do is to see an accountant in your country.

I have a corporation setup in Australia, which has separate bank accounts etc to my personal stuff, but I didn't do that for a while. For the first couple of years I did this, I ran it all as a sole proprietor.

Just because you're selling to Americans doesn't mean you need a US business. Just explain your situation to your accountant very slowly, my guy still scratches his head everytime I see him ;)

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